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Strategic goal

Strategic goal

The strategic goal of Podvodtruboprovodstroy LLC (PTPS LLC) is the construction of ready-to-operate hazardous and complex industrial facilities for different purposes.

The company had started its history from construction of submerged crossings of main pipelines across water courses. But later Podvodtruboprovodstroy LLC has successfully enlarged the field of its activity, currently constructing mains and on-site pipelines, engineering utilities, roads, bridges, as well as the site projects for various purposes.

Now Podvodtruboprovodstroy LLC is one of the leaders in the construction market in the field of main pipelines installation with different technologies (HDD, microtunneling and trenching). Our company has assimilated a production technology of construction of pipelines submerged crossings up to 14200 mm in diameter with HDD method, using the 400 ton-tractive effort tunneling systems with 700 ton-force pipe thruster.

Podvodtruboprovodstroy LLC has the production and personnel resources for the implementation of large-scale projects of any level of complexity, as well as it has an extensive experience of work in the most severe climatic conditions of the distant areas of the Russian Federation. The availability of the modern specialty construction vehicles, professional qualification of engineering personnel, application of advanced technologies and innovations in construction enable the company utterly to meet all requests of the customers and receive the competitive advantages.